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How To Decorate Bunk Beds For A Fun And Exciting Bedroom

Are you looking for a way to create a fun and exciting bedroom for your kids? Bunk beds can be the perfect solution! By decorating the bunk beds and surrounding area with some thoughtful touches, you can create an inviting space that your kids will love. In this article, we will show you how to decorate bunk beds in order to achieve a fun and exciting bedroom. So let's get started!

Choosing a Colour Scheme

When it comes to creating a vibrant and energising atmosphere, you'll want to pick colours that will make the space pop! Consider your style preferences as well as the size of the bedroom. Bold and bright colours can bring energy into a small room, while more subtle tones are perfect for larger spaces. If you're looking for an easy way to create cohesion in the room, choose two or three shades of one colour and use them throughout the bedding, wall coverings, and accessories. Alternatively, you could pair complementary colours like navy blue with pink or purple with yellow for an interesting contrast.

Think about adding some fun patterns too! Stripes, polka dots or even floral prints can take your design up a notch - just be sure not to overdo it. A few accent pillows or a throw blanket can make all the difference without overwhelming the senses. If you want something more permanent, try painting designs on walls using stencils or masking tape. You can also find adhesive wallpaper that's perfect for easy installation and removal when you're ready for something new.

Don't forget the lighting! Soft mood lighting is key in any bedroom setting but especially true with bunk beds since they take up so much space already. Consider string lights around bed posts or lamps that clip onto headboards - these provide plenty of light without being too harsh on eyes once it's time to go to sleep at night. Lastly, add personal touches like family photos or art pieces that express your taste so that anyone who enters feels warmly welcomed by your unique style!

Displaying Artwork

Showcasing artwork is a great way to bring personality and vibrancy to the space! Hang pictures on the walls of the bunk beds, so each occupant can decorate their own side. Make sure to choose art that's age-appropriate and reflects the interests of your child or teen. Choose pieces with bright colours that will stand out against a neutral wall in order to create a fun atmosphere. Consider framing photos of family vacations, favourite quotes, or pieces from local artists for an even more unique touch.

If you prefer something less permanent than hanging up photos on the wall, get creative with removable wallpaper or decals. This allows you to switch up the design every now and then without having to worry about damaging anything. Wallpaper also comes in a variety of styles and designs — from modern geometric patterns to comic book heroes — making it easy to find something that goes well with your chosen colour scheme.

Not only does displaying artwork help tie together your colour scheme but it's also a great way for kids or teens to express themselves in their bedroom! A collage of postcards from their travels, sketches they created themselves, or original prints from local artists can turn any boring bunk bed into an interesting conversation piece.

No matter which type of art you choose for your bunk bed room, make sure it speaks to both occupants and reflects their individual personalities while still tying into the overall design theme! With just a few simple touches like this one, you can easily turn any bedroom into an eye-catching oasis full of character and life!

Adding Textiles

Adding textiles is a great way to bring both comfort and style into your child or teen's space! Choose fabrics that are easy to wash, like cotton. Not only will this make it easier to keep the room clean, but it'll also ensure your kids get a good night's rest. When selecting colours and patterns, consider age-appropriate designs since tastes can change quickly at this stage of life. For an added touch of fun, why not personalise the bedding with their name?

Don't forget to throw pillows and blankets too! These items can help create an inviting atmosphere which makes them feel more comfortable in their space. If you have two beds in the same room, look for coordinating colours or patterns so each side blends together nicely. You could even use different textures such as velvet or faux fur for added visual appeal.

The window is another area you'll want to add some extra texture. Consider using sheer curtains that let natural light in while still providing privacy from outside sources like neighbours or cars passing by on the street below. Matching blinds can also be used if needed for complete coverage when desired; just remember to hang them away from any bunk beds so they don't snag on anything while being pulled up or down.

Finally, think outside the box when incorporating textiles into your kid's bedroom design! Hang a hammock between two walls for a cosy reading spot; put some faux fur rugs down for softness underfoot; go wild with patterned wallpapers - whatever suits their personality best! Have fun with it and enjoy watching your little one's face light up when they see what you've created!

Utilising Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to inject some personality into your child or teen's room without taking up too much space! It can be used to create a unique atmosphere in the bedroom, and it's easy to work with. You can buy wallpaper in rolls that are cut to size for bunk beds, or you could even purchase pre-cut panels of wallpaper specifically designed for bunk beds. The advantage of using wallpaper is that it's relatively inexpensive and quick to install. You don't need any special tools or skills; just follow the instructions on the packaging.

A great way to make use of wallpaper on bunk beds is by creating a feature wall behind them. Choose a patterned paper that complements the bedding and furniture in the room, such as stripes or polka dots. This will give your child's bedroom an eye-catching look as soon as they enter it. If you're feeling creative, why not add some decals or stencils around the edges? This will really bring out their personality and make them proud of their room!

You can also add detail by using different types of wallpaper around each bed on the bunks. For instance, if one side has plain white walls, then put something bolder on the other side like floral prints or bright colours – it'll look amazing! Or alternatively get creative with different textures like corkboard or fabric wallpapers which can create interesting patterns when placed next to each other.

Adding wallpaper to your child's bunk beds is an affordable way of giving their bedroom a fun and personal touch without breaking the bank! With so many options available there's bound to be something they love – all you have to do is pick out their favourite design then sit back and admire your handiwork!

Creating a Focal Point

Create a stunning focal point in your child's room by using wallpaper to add texture and colour! Wallpaper is an easy way to create a unique look in the bedroom while also adding a personal touch. It can be used as an accent wall, or even as the backdrop for bunk beds. You can choose from a variety of styles such as floral, geometric, abstract, and more. You can also opt for bold colours or soft pastels depending on your preference. With so many options available, you are sure to find something that you love and that reflects the personality of your child's room.

Using wallpaper to create a focal point doesn't have to be expensive either; there are plenty of affordable options available at most home decor stores. If you want something truly unique, consider making your own paper using paint or markers! This will give the room a one-of-a-kind look that nobody else has. Whichever option you choose, make sure it complements the other colours and décor in the room for maximum impact.

To complete this look with style, add some coordinating accessories like pillows or curtains that match the wallpaper pattern or colour scheme. You could also hang some framed artwork above the bed featuring characters from your child's favourite movie or TV show - this will make them feel like they have their own special space within their bedroom! Adding these extra touches will bring life to any dull corner and make it fun and inviting for everyone who enters the room.

No matter what type of wallpaper design you decide on, make sure it stands out without overwhelming everything else in sight! An eye-catching focal point is all about balance—too much might detract from other elements in your kid's bedroom while too little won't catch anyone's attention. With careful planning and creative ideas, you'll soon transform this space into an exciting place where memories are made!

Utilising Lighting

To further enhance your child's room, consider utilising lighting to bring a warm and inviting atmosphere. It can be as simple as adding a string of fairy lights around the bed frame or wall, creating an interesting and playful effect. You could also add small night lights on either side of the bed for extra illumination. If you want something more eye-catching, think about hanging a unique light fixture from the ceiling directly above the bunk beds. This will create an instant focal point that will make the bedroom look extraordinary! Plus, it'll give you and your child plenty of light to see while they play games or read books before bedtime.

Another great way to incorporate lighting into your bunk bed design is through wall sconces. Wall sconces are perfect for accentuating certain features in any space, like artwork or shelves loaded with toys and books. They come in all sorts of styles so you can find one that really stands out and complements the rest of your decorating scheme. Place them at different heights on each side of the bunk beds to bring balance to the room and provide more light than just one single overhead lamp could ever do!

Having both task lighting (like lamps) and ambient lighting (like string lights) is key when it comes to brightening up a room full of bunk beds. Task lighting is important because it's often used for studying or reading late at night while ambient lighting creates a cosy atmosphere that makes everyone feel relaxed after their day has finished. Whether its floor lamps placed strategically around the bed frames or table lamps tucked away underneath, both types of lights will work together to help create an inviting environment your child will love spending time in every day!

No matter what type of style you're going for – modern, traditional, eclectic – incorporating some type of creative lighting into your bedroom design plan is essential if you want to turn those boring old bunk beds into something truly special! From pendant lights hung from above to floor lamps shining brightly along each side – there are endless possibilities when it comes to bringing life back into a dull corner with stylish illumination!

Incorporating Decorative Accents

Give your child's bedroom a unique and personalised touch by incorporating decorative accents! From wall art to throw pillows, there are plenty of ways to make the bunk beds feel like an extension of who they are. Let your child choose some colourful artwork that reflects their interests and hang it above their bed. For younger children, add some playful wall decals or stencils for extra fun. Additionally, you can use fabric bunting around the bed frame or even curtains to create a cosy atmosphere. Adding a few throw pillows with bright colours and patterns is another great way to personalise the room. You can also try using fun shapes like stars or moons as part of the decorating scheme for added flair. Finally, one last thing you could do is hang up some string lights around the bed frame for added sparkle and whimsy at night! With these creative touches, your child's bedroom will feel like a special space where they can relax and enjoy themselves.

Accessorising with Pillows and Blankets

Transform your child's bedroom into a warm and inviting space by accessorising with pillows and blankets! Pillows are an ideal way to add colour and texture to the room. Mix and match different sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns for a creative look. Blankets are another great way to add warmth to the room while also providing comfort. Pick out cosy fabrics like flannel or fleece in fun colours or unique prints for a bold statement. Pair pillows and blankets together on the bunk bed for an eye-catching display that will be both interesting and inviting.

For a truly special touch, consider personalising the bedroom with monogrammed pillows or blankets. This is sure to make your child feel extra special when they come home from school each day! You can also hang wall tapestries above the bunk beds as well as artwork or posters of your child's favourite movie characters or sports teams along the walls of the room. Incorporating elements that reflect their interests will help create a unique atmosphere that is all their own.

When it comes to styling the bunk beds themselves, you can arrange them in several ways for maximum effect. Start by choosing two main colours for each side of the bed - one light colour like pink or yellow and one dark colour such as navy blue or black - then use accessories like throw pillows in coordinating shades to bring it all together visually. Finally, don't forget about adding some fun accents like bean bag chairs, bean bags filled with stuffed animals, floor cushions shaped like cars, trucks, stars etc., which can be used on those days when friends come over!

Accessorising with pillows and blankets will take your child's bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all! With these simple touches you'll have created just the right amount of warmth and style needed for any kid-friendly space that is sure to not only be exciting but comfortable too!


You've done it! You now have a fun and exciting bedroom that your child will love. From the colour scheme to the decorative accents, you've taken the time to make sure everything is just right. Don't forget to add plenty of pillows and blankets for comfort and style. With a few simple touches, your bunk beds are transformed from ordinary to extraordinary! Your one-of-a-kind design proves that decorating with bunk beds can be an enjoyable experience. Now sit back and enjoy the room you created—it's sure to be a hit with your kiddo for years to come!

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